Capital District African Violet Society
Albany, NY

Bio: We are a small African Violet Society in Albany, NY. We meet the second Saturday of each month from September to May 1:00 -3:00 p.m. at the Bethany Reformed Church on New Scotland Avenue, Albany, NY. Each Spring we host our annual show and sale at our new venue Bethany Reformed Church, 760 New Scotland Avenue, Albany NY

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  • Hello. I was at your show/sale today loved it! Brought home a few goodies and more knowledge which is always a good thing. Anyway I know it’s a shot in the dark but there was a plant, larger on the table with the ribbons (facing Heidi). It had pretty big leaves I want to say more oblong shapes and reddish colored flowers. I meant to ask what it was but in my excitement forgot. Any ideas? Thank you. I was hoping there’d be a photo of the table on the FB page but didn’t see one.

      • Oh see I’m learning! I was on that website saw those and said I think that was it! I also thought it was Kee Wee. Hmmm I’ll have to research those more so beautiful. Also found an African Violet called Pip Squeek I think I have to get. I used to work with a gentlemen who nicknamed me that way back in the 80’s. He’s since passed but the other day was his birthday. After the sale I came home to look at the Lyndon Lyon website and stumbled across it. What are the chances? I said Arthur must have been listening to us remembering him. Thank you I really enjoyed the show and set up a spot for my plants. Thank you for getting back to me looking forward to finding out more.

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      • You’re welcome Linda. We hope that you will be able to come to one of our meetings. The education for May will be a discussion of a virus that has been affecting some violets and we will be testing some as well. Once you start acquiring more plants in a collection, you should isolate new plants for 3-4 months to make sure they don’t bring in insects or other diseases that could contaminate your collection. You’ll enjoy growing your plants and of course adding more plants to the collection. Lyons Greenhouse is that far and a great place to get more African Violets and that Kee Wee Episcia 😉

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